Dating Confidence – 42 Tips To Success

Dating Confidence – 42 Actionable Techniques You Can Use Right Now To Increase Your Success In Dating Online. 

There is nothing nicer than the excitement that is created by a potential first date. As the arrangement to meet up becomes more real, the closer you get to the date, we can find ourselves overran with nerves and an element of anxiety, lacking in Dating Confidence. It is well known that the fear of the unknown, and what may or may not happen on all levels is part of our personality and been human.

Does Online Dating Work?

·    72% of adults in the United States are active online.

·    About seven million UK residents are currently using online dating in the UK.

·    15% of all American adults used online dating sites or mobile dating apps in 2015.

·    80% of Americans who have used online dating agree that online dating is a good way to meet people.

·    61% of adults who have tried online dating agree that it is easier and more efficient than other ways of meeting people.

·    Between 2013 and today, the share of 18 to 24 year olds who use online dating has roughly tripled from 10% to 27%. For 55 to 64 years old this number has gone from 6% to 12%.

·    20% of online daters have had someone for help with their dating profile. 5% of Americans who are in a marriage or committed relationship say they met their significant other online.

·    5% of Americans who are in a marriage or committed relationship say they met their partner online.

·    Members of dating services who share photos of themselves laughing have over 3 times more chances of communicating with other members.

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Can You Make Online Dating Work For You ?

To date successfully we must have and build our self confidence. Lifting self esteem helps us prepare the best we can, and not hide from what we seek from relationships, love, desire and living a full life. By not compressing our nerves but instead learning to manage them better and improve.

How Do We Do It ? Want Proof Then Read On

1. Build Your Inner Confidence: it is well studied that as humans we prefer to be around people who portray confidence. The same can be said about dating people who display dating confidence. Confidence is attractive , sexy and very likeable use these ideas to boost your self confidence.

2. Get A New Hair Look: in general we don’t change our hair look very often , statistics claim on average every 5 years or so. Making a change, having a new style or colour can help you feel more attractive as well as a fresh new look.

3. Update Your Image: there are all kinds of helpful videos on the web, as well as publications to help find the best make up applications to dynamic facial styles etc. These can help to provide solutions to feeling younger, more attractive and confident. Find them and put them to use. Apply the same mind set to your wardrobe, find the right colours and styles that suit your body type and overall general look.

Dating Confidence Update Your Image

4. Get Fit And Find Fun: get in shape , if your not currently owning a fitness routine then find one. Working out will help you feel so much better about yourself. It can also have added benefit in relieving stress and other endorphins that make you feel naturally better about yourself and improve your dating confidence.

Dating Confidence Get Fit And Find Fun

5. Spoil Yourself With Some Self Indulgence: Occasionally take the time to do something for yourself. Have a sauna, relax in a candle-lit bath , taking time and care to look after yourself promotes and improves self esteem.

6. Take Small Steps To Build That Confidence: smile the more you do it, the better you will feel. Praise yourself for each thing done, learn self appraisal it’s a great skill to build dating confidence. Be thankful for what is going well in your life. It will help re-inforce how successful you are in many ways building your confidence.

7. Develop And Learn Something New: take on and learn something that you always wanted to do, whether it be by yourself or part of a team. The feeling of doing interesting things will help you feel more confident about who you are and what you have to offer to a potential date.

8. Don’t Let Rejection Control You: the sooner you put yourself out there and interact, the sooner you will take the pressure of your own expectations and the fear of rejection. The word “No” will in time not matter a great deal, and you will be thinking of the positives instead for example How you get along together? What could or will happen next? Embrace the unknown, take the challenge allow yourself the chance to be a more confident person.

Dating Confidence Don't Let Rejection Control You

9. Release Bad Experiences From Your Dating Physche: if your not new to online dating, I would imagine you’ve had a few bad experiences in the past, this is not unusual most people have. You can let those bad experiences stay with you and taint any new experiences that come along, or you can shake them off! It really is what you do next that will shape your dating confidence and online dating venture, move on with a positive attitude.

10. Drown Out Your Inner Critic: your inner conscientious if left unattended can control how we feel and think about ourselves. Drown out those negative thoughts gained through past experiences such as ” every date I go on fails to turn into anything of value ” and replace it by positive affirmations such as ” an opportunity for a new life adventure ” . Affirmations are helpful in helping sort out our inner physche, and if practiced correctly are followed by actions. Actions will harness confidence in finding the dating partner that’s right for you.

Dating Confidence Drown Out Your Inner Critic

11. Remind Yourself Of Where You Can Improve: focus on the things your most happy with, and the things you most like about yourself. Think of areas within your life where it’s a real struggle to feel happy about, and make decisions to improve these areas. Start taking the actions necessary to get you to that place where you feel great about yourself.

12. Push Out On Your Comfort Zone: the feeling of success is addictive. Try and self commit to trying out and doing new things everyday, week , or month. This will push and improve your confidence no end, and help huge with your dating confidence.

Dating Confidence Push Out On Your Comfort Zone

13. Practice, Practice And More Practice: to gain more confidence when dating you need to keep doing this. Repetition is the mother of all skill and confidence, practice this and your dating confidence will soar.

14. Stay Confident: positive thinking is a must to keep that confidence strong. So don’t give up take the very best care of yourself and keep smiling. When that special date does come along all the other bad experiences will fade out. A positive outlook and confidence are attractive ingredients for a love fix that really works.

15. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy : make modification to the way you think and behave. It breaks down negative cycles of thought patterns, feelings, actions and physical sensations. Try and look at things objectively and look for other explanations as to why your feeling negative or lethargic, rather than the anticipated thought of your upcoming date.

16. Your Strengths: think about your best qualities, what you feel are attractive and input them to your dating profile. Think about what colleagues and friends compliment you for, and what value you can bring to a date. Think this through and what you create  including it into your profile will help with both boosting your dating confidence and marketing yourself to potential dates.

Dating Confidence Your Strengths

17. Profile Pictures Should Be Normal: images of you having fun or of an enjoyable time or experience is what you should share on your profile. This can help create a good impression and sometimes a good entry to a genuine conversation about them. Don’t be tempted to upload images that are slightly photo shopped for enhancement. This can bring both insecurity and disappointment when you meet up with a potential date.

18. Second Opinion Your Profile: ask a friend or family member or someone who’s opinion you value to view your profile, and give you honest genuine feedback with suggestions on any improvements that could be made. They might suggest other qualities that you had not thought of.

19. Feel Comfortable: compromise in dating, but never agree to do anything that knocks your dating confidence or makes you feel uncomfortable.

20. Positive Body Language: silence is often met when meeting new people. Lack of communication could hurt your confidence, tap into your dates body language expression and access , looking for other gestures obvious or subtle that they like you! If you can spot some positivity in your dates reactions your dating confidence will soar.

21. Keep Yourself Calm: anxiety as it is known plays big in reducing your dating confidence before a date. Preparation before is key, try to do something relaxing listen to music, read a favourite book, take the dog for a walk . Try to visualise your date and see yourself calm and relaxed in it will help as an antidote to the anxiety. Allowing you to feel more spontaneous and open bringing more fun and a highlighted confidence to it.

22. Chat With Your People Before The Date:  spending time with and chatting with friends who make you feel relaxed and good about yourself is a good pre-launch before a date. Any worries or concerns you have about it can seem really less important or significant when talked through with friends.

Dating Confidence Chat With Friends Before The Date

23. Leg Go Of Past Negative Experiences: if you’ve experienced difficulty in previous relationships. Try and train your mindset to deliver a clean break on the past for your date. Use all your skill and inner courage to free you up and welcome something better in your life to reach out for in your next date.

24. You’ve Got To Be In To Win: don’t wait for that someone to contact you, if you feel they could be a good match take the lead and make that important initial contact. Read different profiles and vary your questions, ask about things that interest you about the other person. For example if their thoughts on the ideal holiday are yours, or you interestingly appear to enjoy the same activities in free time, use these as talk starters and roll it out from there. Follow this and the amount of responses you receive will increase elevating your dating confidence.

25. Not All Dates Fit: there will be occasions when your offer or a suggestion of a date may be turned down, don’t let this dishearten you if there is no reply from your message. Think of it like this we are all individuals and therefore not everyone’s  type, don’t let this affect your dating confidence.

 Dating Confidence Not All Dates Fit

26. Know Your Fear Symptoms: if you find your palms sweating and your heart racing before a during a date, this is our brain releasing stress to the body through adrenaline. Be prepared to have to wait until your nervous system settles down. The more you understand it the less power it will hold over you.

27. Dealing With Nerves: plan everything for your date. Allow yourself adequate time to get ready for it. Think of how your going to get there and what setbacks could impact your journey , weather , timings etc. Simple things like this managed correctly reduces stress in the brain, helping to keep nerves in check.

Dating Confidence Dealing With Nerves Plan Everything Before The Date

28. Inside Confidence attracts Outside Confidence: choose clothes that make you feel both comfortable and confident on your date. Choosing something that is physically uncomfortable and makes you feel slightly self conscious will create anxiety giving your mind one more issue to deal with

29. Power Should Be In Your Hands: question we regularly ask of ourselves are, will I be liked , approved or accepted ? The answer to this is in your hands not someone else’s . Don’t wait for someone’s approval , don’t forget you have half the power to decision make on any date. Learn how to change your mindset, and date with confidence in yourself.

Dating Confidence Power Should Be In Your Hands

30. Good Attitude, Think Positive: not all first dates lead to a second. Having a good attitude about the overall dating process takes the anxiety and stress out of it. Keep your mindset outlook  and perspective, so if the date turns flat you can still leave it and move forward with your self confidence intact.

Dating Confidence Good Attitude Think Positive

31. How To Overcome The Fear Of A Date: why is it that we use the power of our mind and emotions to result in failing to date, rather than be successful. Fear of a date can become a habit. When we see someone online that interests us why is it we don’t reach out and break the ice? Why do we hold fear and prevent ourselves from doing it? Because we let our imagination and emotional reactions hold us back from the call to action. We feel the possible fear of rejection and just decide to walk on by, as it’s just not worth it.

32. Learn How To Break The Date Fear: If you’ve been walking on by potential dates that interested you, then you are missing out big time. The need to break the routine of feeling afraid and bad about yourself is now no greater! Learn the way of feeling both optimistic and good about yourself.

Dating Confidence Learn How To Break The Date Fear

33. Imagine The Best Possible Outcome: think about the worst thing that could possibly happen if you open yourself up to a date. Make a mental list, write it down if it helps. You will soon realise that whatever your reason is you could deal with it and continue moving forward. By avoiding contact with a potential date you’ll never know what might of happened, not allowing yourself to realise and experience what would or could of been a life changing desire.

Dating Confidence Imagine The Best Possible Outcome 

34. Forward Plan Your Conversation: there is always one basic thing you can plan for , to give you a better sense of control with your date. Think of five things you can bring into the conversation should it dry up. Whether it be something on tv you really enjoy, or something big in your life , or something topical. It can help avoid feeling anxious about running out of things to talk about.

35. Don’t Worry Too Much About How To Impess: its easy to put a lot of focus on how you intend to impress your date, and how your going to come across. Giving them your full attention and listening to what your date is actually saying does help to take the pressure off yourself , as well as portraying good manners.

36. People Are Human So Is Your Date: try not to be overtaken or preoccupied by your dating nerves, remember your date could be overran with anxiety too! Try and help your date to relax be at ease, it will make you feel more confident.

Dating Confidence People Are Human So Is Your Date

37. Language You Use Is Key: words as they say is a powerful element. Don’t be that date who communicates with words like , bleak, down, depressed, anxious, etc in your conversation. Words can have a huge effect on your dates conscience, the negative effect could have a bearing, impact on how they feel about you. Try to keep the conversation upbeat by using (happy ) words such as interesting, exciting, and relaxed etc.

38. Shout Up Your Fear And Own It: use humour and your true personality when with your date if you feel nervous. You will relieve the pressure on yourself and your date as they are likely to be as nervous as you, even though they may not show it! Your honesty about your anxiety could help settle any vulnerability in the atmosphere and could be seen as a complimentary attraction by your date

39. Commit To Dating: if you’ve been let down in past dates, your enthusiasm may well have gone south. But you’ve got to keep trying, the more dates you have the more people you’ll meet who have the potential to be the one. The opportunities will come along so always try and keep your conversation and charm skills healthy.

Dating Confidence Commit To Dating Believe In Yourself

40. Keep Expectations Realistic: always be mindful that those perfect dates and matches can be hard to find. Sometimes it does take time to think about and analyse what you date is all about. Whatever your expectations are there is nothing better than a date that gives you back a connection that fits with your’s.

41. There Is No Quick Fix: boosting your dating confidence takes time. It’s achieved by doing small simple steps , to boost your confidence and your self-esteem. Continuing to do the same old thing in the same old way will only deflate your confidence more, to improve you need to make changes.

42. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself: try not to indulge in self punishment over previous relationships. We are human we make mistakes, Instead of thinking in terms of blame and shame focus on growing and learning from those experiences.